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Bhopal: Not only had he violated the Islamic laws by entering into wedlock with seven women, but a Muslim man in Bhopal managed to dupe his spouses by concealing his other marriages from them for years.

Syed Shehzad Ali married seven women and settled in different localities in the city so that none of his wives could find out about his other marriages. He even adopted different identities for befriending those women and had been cheating on them for years.

However, the evil plan of the 35-year-old came to light when his seventh wife came to know about his other six marriages and lodged a complaint with the women’s police cell in Bhopal.

Accordingly, the cops lodged a fraud case against Ali, who is at large presently.

Narrating the details, a senior police official said that the woman came to know about her husband’s misdeeds when she came across one particular file among Ali’s belongings which contained details of his previous alliances which were not registered marriages.

On further investigations, it was revealed that two women had also lodged FIRs against Ali at police stations in Kotwali and Mandideep areas of Bhopal respectively.

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