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This story might remind you of the famous lost in ‘Kumbh ka Mela’ saga from our own Bollywood classics. The plot featured regularly in the Bollywood films wherein two siblings used to be separated at a young age and then reunite in adult life. A real life event has come to light when two probable twins, adopted by parents in different countries, were surprised to see each other on social media platforms and have decided to undergo a DNA test to test their blood connection.
Twenty-six-year-old Samantha Futerman, an actress who lives in the US, had in February last year received a message on Facebook from a girl named Anais Bordier, who claimed that she discovered her in a YouTube video and was struck by their uncanny facial similarities.
Futerman got even more stunned when she discovered that not only their faces, but the other girl, currently residing in London, was also adopted like her and shares the same birthday.
Upon further investigation, it was revealed that both of them were born in Seoul city of South Korea on November 19, 1987 but were separated due to circumstances. Later both of them were placed in foster cares and adopted by different parents.
After months of messaging and Skyping, the two were finally able to meet in May of 2013, and now, they are planning the release of both a book and documentary about their unique story.
They didn’t have any doubt over their links but just in case to make it official, the duo had undergone a DNA test. Both of them are anxiously waiting for the results of the test.

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